Tree Removal Rates


Tree Removal Service: Estimates for tree removal are provided in person by appointment. 

Depending on what your tree removal requires, Kent owns and operates a specialized crane, bucket and chipper trucks, whole tree chippers and skidsters, loaders and grinders that are all the biggest and best in industry. Kent owns and operates this fleet of tree equipment, so there is no delay in service, no hidden costs, no sub-contractors, no debris, no mess, and nothing left for you to worry about.  

Minimum: There is a minimum cost of $500 to remove any tree. 

Stump grinding rates. 
$25 a square foot with a $250 minimum.

*All emergency rates are twice the standard rate and time is port-to-port. Call 1-800-700-5368
*Oversize wood larger than 21 inches in diameter is $100 a ton. Trunks and stumps larger than 60 inches in diameter is $200 a ton. Kent's trucks are equipped with on-board scales, so you know the cost of disposal as we load.