About Kent Arborist Services 

John Kent started this tree service in 1995. He built an honest business focused on quality personal relationships, experience, and providing value-added service using specialized tree equipment to minimize labor, risk, and transporation.   

Today, Kent’s investment in specialized tree removal equipment provides a competitive advantage that does more than cut labor and transportation costs.

Biggest and best in industry, Kent’s tree removal equipment is powerful and efficient and produces a level of quality no competitor can offer at any price. But equipment doesn’t work alone. 

Kent’s courteous and responsive field team is available for 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week. We take pride in our safe operating procedures, well-trained, uniformed employees, and top-of-the-line equipment. Our arboricultural team takes care of your trees and all your needs as a client. 

Who we are: 

Responsible, honest, and helpful professionals dedicated to your positive experience of our tree service. 

What we do: 

Trees removal is what we do every day. Kent operates the biggest and newest specialized tree removal equipment to reduce the time, risk, and cost of providing quality tree service. While Kent is experienced and equipped to remove the largest and most hazardous trees with ease, it is the personal attention to detail on any size project that makes the biggest difference in creating a positive experience for our customers.  

Our environment

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility—and California law. Kent’s tree equipment is compliant with the California Air Resource Board’s requirements for portable tree equipment.


Twenty years practicing how to do all the little things that makes the biggest difference. 

Talented tree professionals using top-of-the-line equipment to provide consistent service. 

Equipment that cuts labor and transportation costs while protecting employees and the environment. 

Our competitive advantage over competing tree companies is bigger than the equipment we use. Our expertise and experience ensures other tree services cannot compete with our prices without cutting the quality of service. 

Selecting a tree service

Disagreements between homeowners and tree services are common and stem from the general use of common terms “tree removal” and “tree trimming” and “stump grinding”. Since there is a great deal of ambiguity in these terms, interpretation and agreement is almost impossible, unless these general terms are specifically defined.

Understanding these definitions, and how the interpretations of these definitions can vary, gives you the knowledge to negotiate intelligently with any tree service, so that you ask the right questions. This knowledge also simplifies the process of selecting a tree service, while ensuring you receive the quality of service you bargain for. Read about this on our Terms and Conditions page.